The best time to workout is…

The best time to workout is…whatever works for you! Sorry that probably wasn’t the magic answer you were looking for, but it is true. I don’t like waking up early, but I do like getting to work early so I can get out early and still have some day left to enjoy. However, my schedule has been significantly busier since I started my part-time job last month at the health department. This month, I’m getting more than full time hours combining the health department with the hospital. My position is contingent at the hospital and I can fill in at any of the branch locations, so my director had me train at two other hospitals and my hours have gone up quite a bit.

On top of work, I babysit on Mondays & Thursdays, meet with two friends on Wednesdays to catch up and encourage each other to walk with God throughout our week, and we have bible study on Friday nights & end up hanging out afterward until 2am at times. This leaves Tuesday as my free night to spend with Dave. There’s not much time to squeeze in a workout in the afternoon. We’re also old farts who go to bed around 10pm, so late night workouts aren’t an option either. The good news is that summer is right around the corner and it will free up every single night since none of the weekly events will be occurring except bible study which goes to once a month instead of weekly. As nice as that will be, I can’t just wait until May to work out, especially since I recently got a sweet Groupon deal to my favorite gym I was already planning on getting a membership at! Therefore, I’ve decided that for these next couple of months, I’ll be attempting to attend the Body Pump class at 6:30am two days a week…oh boy.
I already get up an hour and a half before I need to be at work because I take about a half hour to get ready, spend a half hour in the Bible, then give myself some cushion time to remember whatever I forgot to do that morning before I need to leave. I love my sleep and usually make sure I’ll get at least 7-8 hours or I’ll be non-functional the next day. There’s no way I’m getting up at 4am, so I’ve been packing everything I need for the day the night before (workout clothes, shower stuff, work clothes, oatmeal with nuts & rasins for a post-workout breakfast, & lunch). I wake up, eat something small to hold me over, and then head straight out to Body Pump. On these days, I get ready for work and spend time in the Word after my workout. I still get into work by 8:30-9ish and only work 6-7 hours a day at the health department, so I’m still done by 4 or 5pm. As much as I’d rather sleep in a little longer, I do enjoy the energy I have in the morning and I don’t take as long to wake up. I’m glad I love the Body Pump class and look forward to it, but I can’t wait for summer when I can just workout after work!

When is the best time for you to work out?

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9 thoughts on “The best time to workout is…”

  1. I work out in the mornings because it takes EVERYTHING in me to work out after work. Well, right now, I run in the mornings 4x a week, and I try and go to barre class at least 6x a week. I’ve been running in the morning and going to barre during my lunch break which has worked out nicely.
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    1. that’s discipline! nice job! a friend of mine tried the barre class and said it kicked her butt. I’m sure you’re used to it enough by now that you can go every day and not need to take one to recover haha. Where did you get the training schedule you’re using from?

  2. For me, the best time to workout is early in the morning. I wake up at 4:35 with my wife and we read the bible and pray together. Then I spend about 20 minutes running and walking for a mile. After that comes my real workout – that goes from between 60-90 minutes counting my warm up and the pre and post workouts stretches.

    By the way, it seems like our sites are so similar. I’ve been on here for about an hour, and I’m restraining myself from commenting on every post (don’t want to seem like a spammer).
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    1. 4:35!? It probably helps getting up at the same time so your wife can pull you out of bed when you want to just sleep in and vice versa. I just read your “about” page and see where you’re coming from on our sites! I love meeting other believers and sharing the excitement of being good stewards of what God’s blessed us with for His glory. Don’t hesitate to comment on too many posts; I appreciate them and love to answer questions if I’m able to.

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