Whole30 Week 2 Update

salmon nicoiseWhole 30 week 2 is complete as of Monday! I’ll share ups and downs from this week as well as what we ate. You can see my Week 1 update and if you haven’t read about the prepwork we did to make this a successful challenge you can do so here.

Fresh bread at Eataly

The good
We did well for having a potluck with friends and taking a trip to Chicago to visit our aunt. We even visited the Hershey store and didn’t buy anything! I’m not sure if over-sniffing the air caused any sugar intake but it was satisfying. We walked through an amazing place called Eataly where there were all sorts of freshly baked bread, meats, cheeses, and handmade pastas but of course dairy and grains are a no-no for the Whole30 challenge so we just got to observe.

Attending the potluck with friends made me realize how poor my self-control usually is at potlucks! I had to pass on some delicious brownies and cookies but if I wasn’t being mindful of what I’m eating I probably would have eaten 3 of each. I knew it wasn’t likely that there would be enough food to provide a Whole30-approved dinner so we ate beforehand and snacked on some watermelon someone brought. I was thankful we ate beforehand because everything was off limits for us! Cookies, brownies, a loaf of fresh bread, banana bread, mac & cheese…

The not-so-good
Calcium… You don’t have to get it from dairy since it’s found in dark leafy greens, almonds, sesame seeds, sardines, and other foods but we just didn’t eat enough of it. I entered my first week of eats into MyFitnessPal to see how I did on getting enough vitamins & minerals. I did pretty well but calcium took a hit only averaging 40-50% of my daily needs. Good thing I’m taking a multivitamin to bridge that gap! I tried to add more calcium-rich foods to my meals for week 2.

Sneaky sugars
Sugar hides in so many things! I didn’t want to burden our aunt with accommodating our specific dietary needs but thankfully she eats mostly whole foods and avoids added sugar and grains so it wasn’t that difficult. What snuck up on me was the small stuff. I dipped a shrimp in cocktail sauce and ate it before I remembered there’s sugar in cocktail sauce! My aunt threw a salad together for lunch one day and I didn’t realize until the next day that there was Parmesan in the salad and the chicken & onions were sauteed in a little wine. We ordered jerky and toasted nuts as an appetizer at a restaurant and the almonds ended up being candied so I had to pass on them. I also had bacon with a burger I ordered and since I never found a bacon that did NOT have sugar as an ingredient I’m sure this bacon contained sugar.

What I ate: Week 2
I packed plenty of hard-boiled eggs, sweet potato bites, and raw veggies for our 4-hour drive plus enough for snacks throughout the weekend. I also made a smoothie with random things I had on hand at home- canned pumpkin, raspberries, blueberries, pumpkin pie spice, and coconut milk. It turned out to be really good!

smoothie with pumpkin, raspberries, blueberries, and coconut milk

Guess! We only had scrambled eggs the first morning. I had hard-boiled eggs the other two days with a couple sweet potato bites, fruit, and nuts.

Before I left for Chicago I was making big ‘ol PFC salads with my homemade dressing for lunch. We had some coconut chicken curry stew I made a big batch of last month for lunch one day and had dinner leftovers various times. I also made some firecracker tuna salad to pack in Dave’s lunch and for myself. It had a spicy bite but was delicious to scoop with carrot sticks.

Salmon nicoise salad from Nordstrom

I didn’t know Nordstrom in Chicago had a cafe but I enjoyed a mouthwatering salmon nicoise salad that came with kalamata olives, capers, grape tomatoes, green beans, and a balsamic vinaigrette. I asked for no potatoes on the salad. We made our own lunch at my aunt’s while in Chicago and it was usually a salad with various veggies, chicken, and olive oil + balsamic vinegar.


Crockpot rotisserie chicken

Day 8: My first attempt at making rotisserie chicken in the crock pot! It was so moist and delicious. I even made my own poultry seasoning with dried herbs I had on hand.

Day 9: Pad Thai with the leftover rotisserie chicken. Instead of noodles I used cabbage and instead of any peanuts I tossed it in sunshine sauce (my new favorite sauce!!)

Pad thai

Day 10: Leftover pad thai

Day 11: Baked salmon with asparagus and a salad tossed in olive oil & balsamic vinegar, apples, fennel, and nectarines.

farmhouse burger and kale salad

Day 12: 100% grass-fed burger without the bun topped with mushrooms & bacon with a side of sauteed kale & mushrooms cooked in olive oil instead of butter. I also had the house-made jerky as an appetizer. The restaurant (Farmhouse) had super dim lighting; sorry for the poor quality pic. It was really good and the waiter was very patient with my high maintenance requests.

Day 13: Scrambled eggs with chorizo and a boatload of sauteed spinach.

Day 14: Moroccan chicken with lots of stir fry veggies (Costco has a huge 5.5 pound bag of stir fry veggies for $7.50. I use it for every breakfast and a lot of dinners).

I think this week went well despite the unintentional hiccups mentioned. I’m fine with pressing on with the next 15 days and am giving myself grace for my hiccups rather than starting over. This challenge is more about mindful eating for me rather than perfectly following the diet. I’m halfway done!

What is your favorite go-to recipe for dinner?