What We Ate: Summer edition

I started a tradition at Budget for Health by sharing various meals I’ve made and loved each month. This has been a fun post to write and it’s been a form of accountability because I want to lead by example when it comes to meal planning that is easy, budget friendly, and healthy. Be sure to check out what we ate in prior months.

what we ateIf you’ve been following my blog you are probably used to a monthly round up. I’m changing things up and giving you a seasonal update for two main reasons:

1. We typically eat the same 10 meals and change up the sides.
For the most part you see a lot of the same meals from month to month as I aim for simplicity (note: simple, NOT flavorless or boring) and stick with the PFC concept I am always talking about:

– At least once or twice a week we eat homemade protein pancakes or our perfected hashbrowns.
– At least once a week we eat some type of burger- salmon, pollock, grass-fed beef… served alongside a bowl of veggies and avocado. Thank you Costco.
– We usually share a meal with friends or family so that accounts for another meal or two
– I either pull out a pre-made meal from the deep freezer or rotate our favorites a couple times a month like mom’s meatloaf, chicken curry stew, or a whole chicken in a crockpot.

2. I have been shifting my focus to my social media accounts.
On any given day you can see me posting a meal I’m eating or a workout I’m doing on Instagram. If you head over to my Facebook page you will likely see a 3-minute video of me sharing a tip or trick I’ve learned and have been applying. Nora and Etta are also likely to be featured in said video and may be slightly distracting but you are simply getting a glimpse into my life as a busy mom doing her best to take care of her own body and her family! I pull out articles from my archive and share those on my page as well. I like to share my journey as I go so as you follow me you can see first hand that eating healthy does not have to be difficult, expensive, or boring.

summer meals

I still plan to write posts although they will be less frequent. This blog has been an amazing platform that started my career as a dietitian and I frequently direct those in my nutrition/fitness accountability groups here for practical tips and ideas related to food, fitness, and finance since the 3 are so closely linked. I’m so thankful for your support as I pursue my passion as a dietitian.

What meals do you regularly have each month?