Egg bake

We eat a lot of eggs.

I mean a lot. Like, over a dozen a day between myself, Dave, and my 2 toddlers. When Dave and I first got married in 2010 I was eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast thinking it was a healthy option. Cereal has it’s place, don’t get me wrong. I’ll never tell you there’s no one food you aren’t allowed to eat. However, if we are viewing food as FUEL then cereal may not be what you want to grab at breakfast every time. I learned about the eating concept that forever changed me and is what I’ve been following and teaching for about  7 years now. Pairing protein with fat and carbs is the way to go but with the typical breakfast options for the American diet being cereal, muffins, granola bars, flavored (note: sugared) oatmeal, bagels… we tend to go a little carb-heavy. That’s where the fabulous egg bake comes to save the day.

frozen veggies

You never think about having spinach or peppers alongside a bowl of cereal, do you? Eggs are frugal source of protein and they naturally go well with veggies. I started focusing on timed nutrition (what and when you eat pre/post workout) with my virtual accountability group and after making eggs every morning for a looooong time I was looking for ways to be more efficient with meal prep because, well, kids. I was hungry and ready to eat breakfast an hour ago but after I get all 3 of my girls fed I’d find myself hangry and about to fall apart as I finally had a moment to cook up my own breakfast. Egg bake has made breakfast so easy for Dave and me! What a game changer!! I eat mine at home but Dave puts his portions in take-out containers so he can just grab one from the fridge and heat it up at work.

Egg Bake

Egg bake


  • 18 eggs
  • 1 large sweet potato
  • 6 cups veggies


  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. Peel sweet potato and cut into 1/2" thick coins. Lay on the bottom of a 9"x13" pan (spray with non-stick)
  3. In a large mixing bowl, mix eggs with veggies and pour over sweet potatoes.
  4. Bake for 1 hour; add 15 minutes if using frozen veggies.

Notes about this recipe:

1. I do “recipes” like my mom. I used to hate that she never followed a recipe because I couldn’t quite replicate her cooking and now I do it. I RARELY measure anything but this recipe is pretty forgiving so that’s okay.

2. We cut this recipe into 6 servings. Use enough eggs so you get about 2-3 eggs, 1/2 cup of sweet potatoes, and 1 cup of non-starchy veggies per serving.

3. Most of the time I get stir fry veggies from the frozen section. It’s totally worth the cost when you consider how long it would take me to prep the variety of veggies you get in it (see photo above). Sometimes I lay fresh spinach and/or kale over the sweet potatoes before I pour the egg/veggie mixture on top. I’ve added some homemade breakfast sausage too. This was a super simple recipe if you want to make your own breakfast sausage. I just cooked up a big batch and froze it so I could add some to my eggs bake each time. My favorite combo was shredded Brussels sprouts, bacon, carmelized onions, and cauliflower. Goodness it was so flavorful!

4. Make sure you add extra fat like cheese or avocado. You could even add some heavy cream when you mix the eggs & veggies.

5. I’ve been told that Trader Joe’s has a lot of great seasoning blends that would be fantastic in this recipe so message me if you live near one and want to send some to me for a Christmas present then go try this recipe out and let me know what veggie and spice blend combo you use!

What veggies & spices would you use in your egg bake?

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