Should we move to Canada?

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My handsome hubs may have the opportunity to take a field assignment through work at a power plant they’re designing in Canada. The field assignment would likely last from April/May until November/December, so 6-8 months. We didn’t think he’d be offered a field assignment for another 2-3 years but his boss just brought this up on Monday. It will be a few weeks before he finds out if he really even needs to go or not. If a field assignment is at least 6 months, they pay for me to tag along. In this situation, it’s likely that I’d get to go with him. While we welcome a short adventure, Monday also happened to be the same day I emailed a realtor that my friend gave praises about to help us start looking for a condo to buy. Keep in mind I have multiple jobs I’d have to put on hold and/or quit and my sister’s wedding is in September. That’s a lot of factors we need to consider!

I’m not overwhelmed because I’ve been intentional to not let my mind wander. While I know it’s wise to plan ahead, I learned from job hunting that I start to over-daydream what my life will be like in that situation. I would apply for a job and begin thinking about my life if I had the job and then I get a little disappointed when I never get a call back. (Side note: have you read about my job as a 19-year old’s personal assistant while I looked for a real job??) Since this Canada thing has only been mentioned in conversation, I’m not going to over think anything until it becomes an actual offer.

So… hypothetical situation….if your spouse got offered to work in another country for 6-8 months, what would you do? Would you move forward with looking for condos and have the option to rent it out while you’re gone or would you wait?

Have you ever had any big life decisions come up?

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4 thoughts on “Should we move to Canada?”

  1. Haha – have you had this post up your sleeve for a few days?!
    That’s an awesome opportunity (depending on where the work is of course… I have a few guesses, but they’re pretty generic).
    We had an opportunity to go to Chile for a year, but it was poorly timed for me career wise. Wish it had come the year prior, the first time we said we’d go. \
    PS I just read your PA story and that is NUTS!
    If you ever have any Qs about the destination in Canada or anything related, feel free to pop me an email!
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  2. Canada’s a pretty huge place, and some places are ridiculously remote. But I would say go for it if you’re near civilization, but then I’m partial as a Canuck myself. I would definitely live abroad for 6-8 months, but I couldn’t move overseas permanently.
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