Our $150 Baby

Nora has been such a joyful addition to our family and Dave and I have never stared at something so much. Our days have been highly entertained by a lot of farts and smiles. If you didn’t catch the details about her arrival you can read it here. I’m proud to say we got away with only spending $150 to prepare for her arrival.

Just to be clear, hospital costs are not included in that $150. That bill was definitely not $150. We did, however, start setting aside a chunk of money each month when we started trying to get pregnant so we’d have what we needed to pay the tab. Babies are expensive! I think I should get paid for having one. Aside from the hospital price tag, we got away with only spending $150 to prepare for Nora’s arrival. Here’s how we did it:

Maternity clothes
My mother-in-law treated me to a couple outfits from Thyme maternity while I was in Calgary. I got a great pair of skinny jeans and a couple tops. Why don’t women wear maternity pants when they’re NOT pregnant? They’re so comfy! I’ll admit I still wear them on a regular basis. It’s like wearing yoga pants disguised as jeans. A friend in Calgary let me borrow some of her maternity clothing including a belly band which came in handy while I worked at Starbucks. My mom also bought me some clothing from Target so I got a few more shirts and a pair of yoga pants. The only thing I bought was a maternity top from H&M and two tank tops from Old Navy for working out. These three shirts totaled $15.

Baby clothes
I didn’t buy a single article of clothing for Nora. My aunt works for a clothing bank and hooked us up with a lot of 0-6 month clothes, hooded towels, wash cloths, and sleep sacks. She also gave us enough thank you cards to cover the baby shower gifts. Dave’s coworker gave us a huge bin of clothes that cover us for the 6-12 month stage. We had more than enough clothes but we continued to get a LOT more as gifts from family and friends. Now Nora has more clothes than I’ve probably had total in my life.
nursery decor

Our church is swarming with kids. We’re collectively really good at making babies. With that said, friends of ours gave us their high chair, pack & play, changing table, and a boppy pillow. We bought Nora’s crib from a family friend for $50. We moved our super comfy lazy boy chair that used to be in our living room to Nora’s room. My parents let us have the dresser I used growing up and it became our changing table. We stuck the actual changing table in the closet and it serves as handy shelf space. We don’t have many decorations; a friend of mine drew a beautiful giraffe picture that hangs on the wall and another friend made some adorable letter frames that spell Nora’s name.
nursery decor

Breast Pump
I learned from a friend that many insurance companies cover the cost of breast pumps. I called our company up and sure enough it was! I got a double electric pump for free!

Other baby stuff
Since we didn’t move back from Calgary until late October it was a little hard to plan baby showers with the holidays approaching. I had one shower with friends but we postponed a family shower for both my side and Dave’s until after Nora was born. With that said, we didn’t end up getting an infant car seat so that was an $85 purchase we made out of our own pockets. We did get a convertible toddler car seat as a gift from Dave’s parents. Any other extra items like the diaper genie and bouncer were gifts from our registry. My parents bought us an awesome ottoman from Costco that doubles as storage space. They already filled up our deep freezer so I asked why they got us another gift. Their response: “It’s not for you, it’s a toy chest for Nora.” Clever answer. Dave loves it because it’s very functional and will keep her future toys from taking over our living room. Two gifts we were given and I LOVE are a play pillow and a diaper bag. Handmade gifts are the best!

If you have kids- what were the most useful items that you got for your first baby?

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