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wedding and bridal shower cardsHomemade cards seem to be a thing of the past these days. I got the most beautiful cards from our wedding and my bridal showers. Looking at the back of the cards I found that some cost up to $5 per card! While they are beautiful, my top favorite cards were those that had a thoughtful note written by my friend or family member and those that were homemade. Why pay Hallmark to write thoughts that aren’t yours when you can make your own cards that mean much more for much less? I even used one of my bridal shower cards to make my mom’s Mother’s Day card.

A super cheap but funny example is what my husband did for my first birthday as a married woman. Instead of getting me a card he wrote little snippets on sticky notes and put them on the bathroom mirror to greet me when I woke up. I obviously kept them because it brings a smile to my face 🙂happy birthday card

My grandparents were so generous this year with our Christmas gift. Since we were with Dave’s family and didn’t get to see them, they sent our gift home with my parents. I’ve made them a handful of homemade cards before so this isn’t anything new to them. It takes little effort to make and if my grandparents are anything like me, they enjoy having my own words of thanks in the card. All I did was cut some card stock to fit into an envelope and used some accent paper I was given for scrap booking (which I have never done to this day…) and voila!

Before…20130105-152153.jpgand after…
Do you ever make your own cards or write your own note in them?

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