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Are you looking for accountability to take ownership of your health  AND help others do the same?

Are you frustrated with trading time for money at your hourly job?

Are you interested in running your own business but feel overwhelmed by not knowing where to even start?

Do you have a social media presence but it’s not a source of income for you?

This could be what you are looking for!

When you join my team, you become a Beachbody coach and independent business owner while joining a supportive community of coaches. I’ll help you develop a plan that will allow you to reach your goals by using a wealth of resources that have given me momentum to do the same. I am passionate about helping others pursue a healthier life and I’m thankful I found a way to do this in a way that also allows me to make it a profitable business. My aim is to mentor those who desire to do the same- turn your passion into something that can also provide financial freedom. I give each of my new coaches the personal attention they need to equip them with techniques that will build trust from the ground up rather than pushing products.

I played sports year-round growing up. Being active wasn’t something I had to try doing since it’s all I did. This continued throughout college and never became a challenge for me until kids came in the picture. Exercise does a great deal for my mood and energy so although I looked forward to be active daily, it’s hard to do when mini people are demanding my constant attention. After my daughter Nora was born (January 2014) I saw my childhood friend post about a new workout program that was releasing that summer, PiYo. I was interested in the workout program but out of pride I hesitated to join her challenge group because hey, I can do the workouts on my own and I’m a dietitian. I know what to eat, right? However, there’s a big difference in KNOWING what I should eat and APPLYING that knowledge. I’m human. I love desserts, I’m often tempted to act like my broke college student self and binge at potlucks and events with free food, and I like to snack late at night when I’m not even hungry. This group helped me think twice about what I was fueling my body with.

I’ve been writing about my own journey in food, fitness, and finance for the past 6 years here at Budget for Health but it wasn’t until 2015, 3 weeks before my 2nd daughter was born, when I made the decision to partner with Beachbody as a virtual health coach so I could join people in their own health journey. I knew I wanted to stay home with my kids so this has been a fantastic opportunity for me to work a couple hours each day, do it from home, on my own time, and still be Mom. I initially became a coach because I knew I’d need the accountability to prioritize my health while caring for little kids and I knew there were many others with the same desires. Little did I know how many people I could inspire just by joining them on this journey. I realized that my capacity to help people is still limited so I decided to build a team of like-minded coaches who I can equip and train to join others in this journey to being healthier.

You don’t have to have background in nutrition or fitness to be a coach; it’s really about joining others on a journey to better health and offering support and accountability. I am a Registered Dietitian but not a personal trainer so having the workout programs helps me to bridge that gap so I can offer something that will allow me to help people achieve the results they desire and show others it’s possible.

THERE ARE OVER 400,000 coaches you could partner with.. Why join my team?

I’m a registered dietitian. I want people to learn practical tips and tricks that take the pain and stress out of meal planning and meal prep because nutrition is the foundation of our health and you can’t out-exercise a bad diet! When you join my team you inherit all of my tips and tricks so you can get the results you are looking for while helping others do the same.

I’m a mom of 2 young girls with a 3rd due October 2017. This means I don’t have time to mess around with re-inventing the wheel when it comes to running a business. You’ll be equipped to work SMARTER, not HARDER so you can be efficient with your time and grow your business. Every resource and system I use can be duplicated and easily tweaked to make it your own.

You are the 5 people you spend the most time with. A team of like-minded individuals who share a similar vision can go far together. When you join my team I’m not just your Beachbody mentor; we are doing life together. My team sharpens me, refines me, and helps me be a better wife, mother, friend, and leader. Often our one-on-one check-ins will cover questions, challenges, and victories related to your business but we’ll ALWAYS check in on how you are doing and what’s going on in life. You can’t pour out and help others well if you aren’t being poured into. Trust me, I need this just as much as you.

I am part of a larger team that has some of the top coaches in the company. They know what works and are eager to share what systems and methods they’ve applied that have helped them get where they are. 

Trainings, Perks, & Support

Self-paced New Coach Training
Learn the basics of the business so you can get started right

Weekly trainings
Learn from the best on how to brand, market, and grow your business

Success Partner Program
Pair up with another team member for additional motivation & accountability

Team Facebook Group
Exclusive access to our team where we share tips, ask questions, and celebrate victories

You can earn free trips, monthly prizes, assigned customers, and more just for doing what you’ll already be doing!

25% discount on Beachbody programs & products.

How much would it cost to start up a business?

You can get started with minimal upfront costs with the purchase of a Challenge Pack. It includes a Beachbody fitness program of your choice and a month’s worth of the best superfood shake you can treat your body.

Total investment: $160-$205
This investment simply gets you started with the same package you’d get as a client since our first priority is leading with our own journey. You’ll have everything you need to get started on your business but, more importantly, you’ll be set for your own health journey.

Whether you’re looking for a more fulfilling career, seeking accountability with your own health and fitness while providing that for others, searching for an opportunity that would allow you to be present with family more, or all of the above, coaching would be a great option for you to pursue.

Are you ready to make a change for the better, not only in your life but in the lives of everyone you’ll meet along the way?
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