How to Wake up Early (for real this time)

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You go to bed with such determination to wake early but when that alarm  goes off you either hit snooze 5 times or you groan “nooooooo” as you reach over to turn it off. Not happening today. I’ll start getting up early tomorrow…

How to wake up early

I’m happy to report that I’ve been waking up between 5:15-5:30am most days of the week for the past 3 months! As I write this I have a 6 month old who started sleeping through the night a few days ago so I like to think that gives me a little more credibility since what I’m going to share is what I implemented during a season of being woken up multiple times in the night either by my 6 month old or by the 2 and 4 year olds. I’d love to share what’s been helpful and walk you through the practical things I’ve been doing that have made this a habit.

1. Get to bed on time
When do you need to wake up in the morning? If you subtract 8 hours that’s bedtime. Since I get up around 5:15am that means I want my head on the pillow by 9:15pm at the latest. Often it would be 9pm and I’d realize I have 15 minutes before I need to be sleeping and would rush around the house trying to get things ready for the next day. I ended up going to bed later and my mind and body were racing. This leads me to my next point.

2. Set yourself up to go through the motions
Having a routine for the order of which you do things will help more than you realize. Here’s what I do:

Set EVERYTHING out the night before. I workout clothes, shoes, tracking sheets for my workout, a pen, equipment needed for my workout, filled water bottle, energy bars for my pre-workout meal, Roku remote, the remote to our ceiling fan… everything.

It’s amazing how much time I can waste if I don’t have all of this out the night before. The girls are always using the pen I keep with the tracking sheets to record my weights & reps. The sliders I used for my workout end up as plates in the play kitchen. The Roku remote is somewhere between one of the couch cushions. I forgot my headband in my room. I finally start the workout then after the warm up I have to pause the video to get the remote for the ceiling fan. You get the picture.

3. Follow an order
I’ve gotten into a rhythm where I can get out of bed and start my workout within 15 minutes. Again, this rhythm has been tweaked through trial and error but this is what the order of events looks like:

1. Get up and go straight to the fridge to have my preworkout energy bar
2. Get dressed
3. Pray before starting my workout
4. Press play

I found that I would keep falling asleep while trying to spend time in the Word first so something that has worked well for me is putting a sticky note that simply says SEEK FIRST on the tracking sheet I’m using that day so I’m reminded to simply get on my knees and submitt he day to the Lord before I start my workout. That simple sticky note has been so helpful. My time in the Word comes after my workout.

What’s the hardest part for you when it comes to getting up early?
Any tips you’d add if this is already a habit?

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