Update on house hunting

Back in September I wrote about saving for our first home. Since then we’ve made two offers on condos. As you can guess, neither of them worked out and we’re back to house hunting. The last condo we just made an offer on was so beautiful and simple. I LOVED the kitchen and the 10ft ceilings, which my 6’2″ husband was also a fan of. I would be upset that we didn’t get the place, but we prayed and had others praying about making an offer and I was a little relieved it was out of our hands that someone else bid higher than us. I know we’ll find a home and that it will be one we love. Just not yet.Now what?
We have more time to save! We wanted to have a 20% down payment to avoid the extra cost of the PMI. With this being the case, time is on our side. Our apartment lease is not up until the first of June, so we’re not pressed to act quickly. We are allowed to pay month-by-month if it gets close to June and we are in the process of purchasing a home, so that takes a little pressure off as well. We still haven’t heard from my husband’s employer about moving to Canada for 6-8 months. We were told they would know by January/February and we’d leave April/May if it was a sure thing and we decided to go for it. We were actually surprised we decided to make an offer on the second condo because even though it was a short 3 miles from Dave’s work, we would need a second car. I tried convincing him he could just get a moped, but he didn’t warm up to that… something about living in Michigan and it being cold 75% of the time…

What I’m learning
I was told not to let myself get emotionally attached to a place until it’s in my possession. I’m starting understand this having been through two offers. It’s hard to pursue a place and not think about what it would look like with our stuff in it. I’m grateful that Jesus is my foundation so that when other things fall through, I’m still on solid rock.

How was your experience with house hunting for the first time?

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6 thoughts on “Update on house hunting”

  1. We didn’t get the first place that we tried to buy and in hind sight are very happy that it didn’t work out! The emotional roller coaster is such a tricky one. I worked in real estate for a bit and it is so easy to not get caught up, as long as it’s not your house and your money! It’s also gross how easy it is to toss around 10 or 20K, or more, when trying to buy. It is nice that you have a few more months to put more money in the bank. The right place will come along, eventually đŸ™‚
    Heck, maybe it won’t, because you will be headed to Canada for a bit and putting your things in storage will be the best option. Time will tell.
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    1. It is amazing how the two places we put offers on had a difference of $20k! We have a lot of friends who are residents so they’ll be asking around to see what friends will be putting their places up for sale soon. Hopefully we can get ahead of buyers and find something before it’s even placed on the market.

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  3. The house hunting experience for us lasted for 8 months. I found it to be quite emotionally and physically draining and frustrating. We lost on a couple of multiple bid houses. But when we finally found a house we wanted and when the seller accepted the offer, I burst into tears. It was such a happy moment. Looking back at it, I’m glad we took our time in finding the house, so we could have the one right for us. It’s out there. You just have to patient. Which was very hard for me, because I’m not a naturally patient person. lol.
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