My favorite breakfast

20140202-133714.jpgSpoiler alert: it’s eggs. 

I just wrote about my most used kitchen tool so now I can tell you how I use it every day to make my favorite breakfast! I love having eggs for breakfast. I usually hard-boil a dozen so Dave can pack a couple in his lunch but I really like my eggs fried and runny. You may think making eggs in the morning before work takes too much time but honestly, it doesn’t take much longer than it would if you were waiting for a piece of toast to…toast.

eggs for breakfast

It’s this easy:20140202-134040.jpg
Melt butter…add veggies…cover…
Put away clean dishes…
Uncover…add eggs… cover…
Drink a big glass of water because it’s good for you
Add cheese or avocado… eat up

Not only did you just enjoy an awesome and healthy breakfast, you became a great multi-tasker.
Well done.

If you pack your own lunch for work you’re already saving $2,000-$3,000 per year. If you pack your lunch the night before you’re saving precious time in the morning and you can use a portion of that time to make a hearty breakfast! How awesome! You know how important breakfast is, right? A bonus of having eggs for breakfast is that it provides an extra opportunity to sneak in a serving of vegetables. You don’t have a side of kale with your bowl of cereal do you? Didn’t think so. You don’t even need to worry about prepping veggies if you buy them frozen (see top photo).


What’s your favorite breakfast?

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9 thoughts on “My favorite breakfast”

  1. Mmm, I’m jealous of your breakfast now! I’ve been having avocados and apples a lot lately and Spouse has been having turkey sausages and tomatoes. I need to change it up a bit again. I made some of your egg muffins a week or two ago, as well.

    1. Avocados have been a little sad looking lately but I snagged a few good ones during Super Bowl weekend! I haven’t made my egg muffins in awhile; I need to get a silicone muffin tin to reduce the clean up hassle.

  2. Eggs really are one of the best foods for breakfast. Even if they don’t make up your full meal, you can have the toast in, eggs cooking and be making up some oatmeal or other food at the same time. Eggs and smoked salmon on a bagel is my all time favourite.

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