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What is a challenge group?
Every month I run a 21-day nutrition/fitness accountability group online where women come together and commit to working out in their homes and building better eating habits. It takes hard work and I can’t do it for you but I will promise that you’ll get a lot of support and encouragement from the group. There are women from all phases of life (moms, full-time job, night shift, too busy, kids to care for, traveling a lot for work, you name it). We check in daily with an easy-to-use app and hold each other accountable so that we can all get the results we want. The intent isn’t to add more to your plate but instead help you work self-care in to our often busy schedules. As your coach, I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

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What does a challenge group involve?
I see the highest commitment from those who get the triple threat, FNA: Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability.
(Side note: I was president of an organization at MSU my senior year called the Food & Nutrition Association. I snickered every time I said I was the FNA [effin’ a…] president. Anyway…)

I personally help you select a custom package that includes everything you’ll need to reach your specific goals. I can’t change your life in 21 days but I can certainly equip you with what you need to build a foundation of healthy habits that will help you reach those specific goals.

– Access to the Netflix of workout programs (worth over $6,000) where you can stream from any device. I’ll help you choose which program would be best for your goals as you get started.
– A balanced eating cheat sheet I created to help you easily plan for healthy meals
– A meal planning template to help you plan ahead. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, right?
– An additional, quick snack each day in the form of a delicious shake, densely packed with dozens of unprocessed nutrients. I’m happy to share more about this since I did my own research as a dietitian to make sure it was something I’d drink myself –> which I do and loooove drinking what tastes like a Reeses shake but I don’t feel bad about devouring 😉
– Accountability in a private, invite-only group through the Beachbody My Challenge Tracker app with myself and other challengers on a mission to be healthier.
– My personal coaching, check-ins, and motivation

Packages range from $160-$205

We can’t quite put a dollar sign on your health. While the investment is far less than gym memberships or boutique classes, you can rest assured that the nutrition + fitness + accountability support you get will help you pursue a LIFESTYLE of health which means less money paid down the road related to medical expenses.

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it will be worth it
If you’re looking for a quick fix

You won’t find it here. Health is a journey we are on our entire lives and it takes daily work and commitment. The hardest part is getting started but I’ve seen countless participants focus on small changes that turn into habits that build a foundation for a lifestyle. I say it all the time in my groups: I expect PROGRESS, not PERFECTION. You invest in you, I invest in you.

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free accountability groupOngoing Accountability Group
If a 21-day challenge group seems like a big commitment right now, you can assign me as your coach and enroll in my free ongoing accountability group on Facebook. I run mini 5-day fitness challenges the first week of every month and share resources and motivation. It’s less structured than my 21-day challenges but you’ll at least have somewhere to go for support while you work on your nutrition & fitness goals.

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