Budget Review: October – December 2012

Every 3 months I’ll post an update showing how our money was allocated for the quarter. Consider this quarterly budget review a tool I’ll use so you can hold me accountable to reaching our 2013 goals!

What happened since our last quarterly review?
– We found out about the potential of moving to Canada for a little bit, eh.
– We started pouring into a Roth IRA
(We’re not really putting 23% of our income into it…it’s more like 15%. We had been setting money aside for a couple months while we figured out where to invest so it made this quarter look like a big investing month)
– We made our first offer on a condo
– We got some new tires for our car
– We spent Christmas with Dave’s side of the family and went to Nashville with my side to ring in the New Year! I also got a new pair of snazzy running shoes while I was there 🙂20130115-171538.jpg20130115-171522.jpg

October-December (actual spending)

Past Budget Reviews:
July – December 2011
January – March 2012
April – June 2012
July — September 2012

Have you done a budget review lately? How are you doing with yours?

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