Budget Review: July – September 2013

Waterton Lakes National Park

Oh my gosh! Where did time go?! These quarterly updates come so fast. My April – June budget review was full of so many new and exciting events it kind of makes this review look boring! Let’s get right to it.

Budget Review July – September 2013 (Actual Spending)
Budget Review July- September 2013

What happened this quarter?
1. We bought a couch for our condo. That puts a big dent in the “miscellaneous category.” My mom found an awesome deal off Craigslist while we were in Canada so they picked it up for us and we paid them back. It looks lovely with our new rug my mom also got a great bargain on!
new couch and rug

2. Dave’s parents came to visit us in Calgary! I couldn’t believe how much we fit into one week. Our entertainment budget was a little higher than normal that month but we made sure to spend less in the following months.
Lake Morraine

3. Our electric bill was almost nothing since our friends started renting our condo in July.

4. We made a double, triple, and even a quadruple mortgage payment on our principal! We’re taking advantage of the few expenses and extra income we’ll have during our time in Calgary. This will not be the case when we move back to Michigan.

5. My sister got married in September! We set aside some money each month starting about 6 months ago so we’d be set for vacation expenses. We didn’t do much spending at all while in Nashville but we wired my parents money to help cover the cost of the house we rented and helping with groceries. We also paid for our ticket prior to this quarter review (one of our tickets only cost $40!).

sister's wedding

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