Budget review: July – September 2012

Every 3 months, I’ll post an update showing how our money was allocated. Consider this quarterly update a tool I’ll use so you can hold me accountable to reaching our 2012 goals!

What’s happened since our last budget review?
– I got a 4th job as a nutrition instructor at a community college
I promoted a $25 gift card giveaway for those who enter to win before October 19th!
– We finished saving for a car in September and were able to add my last paycheck of the month to the house savings
– We stayed within our budget 3 out of 3 times for entertainment!
– We stayed within our budget 2 out of 3 times for groceries!
*I’ll note that we spent $100 less on groceries in August since we were in Ireland. I can let the $20 we went over in September to slide)
I got an iPhone! This added $30/month to our phone bill.
– We didn’t start investing through our Roth IRAs as early as we wanted because we were looking for a reliable financial adviser. The percentage should be 15% once that gets going.
– My parents got a membership to Costco so I stocked up on toiletries
– We made over $300 by selling our old college textbooks

July – September (Actual spending):

Past budget reviews:
July – December 2011
January – March 2012
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How are you doing with your budget?

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