Budget Review: January – March 2012

Every 6 3 months, I’ll post an update showing how our money was allocated. Consider this quarterly update a tool I’ll use so you can hold me accountable to reaching our 2012 goals!

I was originally planning on doing a six-month budget review but I think, at least for this year, it would be better to do 3 months since we just made the last payment on student loans and will also be knocking out our emergency fund within the next few months.

What’s happened since the last budget review?
– Dave got a 3% raise in March! Not bad for only 9 months into the job!
– Since I started my new part-time job in February, we were able to throw more toward student loans. We didn’t pay as much in March as we usually do since we made the final payment and are now DEBT FREE!
– We celebrated paying off loans by giving ourselves a higher spending amount in entertainment for the month of March. We visited friends in Indianapolis and enjoyed sushi, ice cream, and some delicious pizza!

January through March 2012 (Actual Spending):

January through March (Estimated Budget):

We didn’t do too shabby. We went quite a bit over on vacation because we bought our plane tickets in January. My new job and Dave’s raise kind of throws off the percents, but overall we’ve done pretty well this month!

Estimate: Category: Actual:
10% Tithe matched!
17% Taxes under 4%
7% Saving under 2%
25% Student Loans over 12%
17% Rent under 7%
2% Utilities/Phone under 1%
5% Groceries under 2%
1% Entertainment matched!
5% Transportation under
5% Medical Health under 2%
2% Personal matched!
4% Vacation over 7%

Past Budget Reviews:
July – December 2011

How did you do with your budget this year?

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