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I never followed blogs before my friend posted an article on facebook that her husband, Derek, wrote for his site, Life and My Finances. It was the first blog I subscribed to and I loved learning something new from each post. Following his site led me to discover other great bloggers out there and even inspired me to start my own site. I’ve loved it so far!

I want to share some great articles I’ve compiled from a few sites I’ve subscribed to and follow on Google Reader. I’ll do this every now and then when I round up a few posts that I really enjoyed. I hope they’re as helpful for you as they were for me!

101 more uses for vinegar by Andrea at Simple Organized Living
I’ve probably done 10 of these already!
How to Pick the Best Mutual Funds by Tim at Faith & Finance
I knew nothing about mutual funds before Dave Ramsey. This guy helps clarify a bit more. Plus he’s got a biblical viewpoint on how he does finances.
Monthly Earnings Report: February 2012 by Derek at Life and My Finances
This goes to show you can make money blogging! I’m not making any money yet, but maybe down the road I can make a couple extra bucks.
Mushroom Pizza Bites
& Homemade Chewy Granola Bars
by Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats

Haven’t made them yet, but I plan to!

It’s only 5 links, but I guarantee they’ll hook you in to read other great posts on their site! It might become addicting and you might suck up your time. You’re welcome.

Do you follow any sites on food, fitness, or finance?

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