2016 goals

2016 goalsI never set real goals for myself until I started this blog 4 years ago. We’ve been able to accomplish so much in less than 5 years! It’s one thing to set a vague example (like “try to make extra payments our mortgage”) compared to setting a SMART goal like paying an extra $10,000 toward your mortgage this year.

Here’s to another year of smart goal setting!

2016 goals

#1 Max out our Roth IRAs
We have automatic withdrawals set up to fund our Roth IRAs but now that we are only budgeting off of Dave’s income our scheduled monthly allocations alone will not get us to this goal. We budget in a unique way in that we only budget for income from 2 paychecks per month but there are two months each year when there are 3 paydays in the month. I’m sure these two “extra” paychecks will go toward this goal as well as any annual bonus or raise Dave gets.

#2: Help more people with their nutrition and fitness goals
I had the false understanding that if I wasn’t employed by someone and working a “real” 9-5 job that I wasn’t making use of my dietetics degree. I started off with a few “real” dietetics jobs by working for a hospital, teaching at a community college, and at and local health department. Since I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom someday this was one of my reasons to start Budget for Health. I know I shouldn’t expect feedback from people I’ve inspired but it really fuels my excitement for what I’m doing here. Now that I’m running my nutrition and fitness challenge groups I’ve loved seeing how much more I can help people by still being a stay-at-home mom since I get to set my own hours and “work” from home. I’m confident that lives will be changed this year and I get to be a part of people’s journey by offering accountability and support.

#3 Start building our home gym
Dave and I love lifting weights and dream about having our own home gym. We aren’t looking to become body builders but it’s one of our favorite forms of exercise and being able to do some kind of physical activity every day has a huge impact on our mood and energy levels. However, the only weights we currently have in our home are 2-pound dumbbells since we’ve used weights at a gym in the past so we are basically starting from scratch. Having our own equipment would definitely pay off within a couple of years compared to paying a monthly gym membership since we’d use it every day. Dave has his eyes set on a barbell set that will cost around $1,000 with the amount of weight we want so that’s first up on our list. We bought a chin up bar as a Christmas present for each other so it looks like birthday and Christmas gifts are going to be adding to our home gym from here on out!

#4 New City Catechisms
I typed out all 52 catechisms and put them on notecards last year but we fell behind and eventually stopped going through them. Dave and I set this goal together to focus on one each week. It would be great to memorize them all but the long term plan is to go through them every year and they will stick to memory more over time. There’s even a shortened version for kids and an interactive iPad app we love!

Here are our goals from 2012, 2013, and 2014, and 2015 if you want to see all we’ve accomplished. Some are my own goals but I say “our” because Dave plays a huge role in most of them.

What are your 2016 goals?

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