2013 goals

I hit all three of my goals for 2012 and even added another two later in the year because I finished the first three way ahead of schedule! I can’t take all the credit- I wouldn’t have accomplished the goals without my better half. My entire salary went toward our financial goals and a good chunk of Dave’s went toward them as well. Now that we’ve paid off $30,000 of student loans, saved up a 6-month emergency fund, saved up for a newish car, and saved up 50% of a down payment on a home, we’re ready to take this momentum into next year!

My goals for 2013

Finish saving for a 20% down payment on a home
We hit the 50% mark when that last paycheck rolled in on December 28th! We won’t know for sure about moving to Canada until February/March so we’re continuing to check out condos in the area. Our apartment lease is up in June, so the tentative goal is to have the full 20% down payment saved up by then.
Update: This goal was not accomplished. For various reasons, we closed on a home about 6 months before we would have reached this goal. Since we have very few expenses while we’re living in Canada, we expect to speed payments up and knock out the PMI.

Run a half marathon
Dave and I tried this before and got up to 8 miles before we moved to a new city, found a Groupon to an awesome gym, and I fell in love with Body Pump and threw half marathon training out the door. Since we did end up moving to Canada for 6 months, I signed up for the Calgary Stampede half marathon! I’d love to finish in under 2 hours but finishing the race at all will be a cool check off the bucket list.
Update: I finished my first half marathon in 1 hour and 54 minutes! It was an added bonus to learn I was pregnant just a few weeks before the half so it was extra fun to run for two.

Build up Budget for Health
Since I got an iPhone I’ve been able to bring in more readers and make some great connections through Twitter (are you following Budget for Health?) I thought I’d be able to write more posts since Dave is working 10 hour days, but unfortunately we only have his work laptop and I don’t want to take time from the 3 hours we get in the evening writing posts! I’ll sneak in an article while Dave’s at the gym (we never thought he’d use Anytime Fitness perk of accessing any gym in the world but here we are in Canada and he has a gym!) or over the weekend. I did have numbers for twitter followers, subscribers, Alexa ranking, etc when I initially wrote this goal, but my main focus will be on producing quality articles.

What are your goals for 2013?

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17 thoughts on “2013 goals”

    1. Thanks Jefferson. It’s easy to compare myself to other blogs and get discouraged, but I just remind myself that the reason I started blogging was because I wanted to educate people about REAL nutrition and share our journey.

  1. Happy New Year! Congrats on doing so well with your 2012 goals. You’ve been an inspiration!

    With some smart planning, your goals should be entirely achievable!

    I have a lot of goals, but I suppose if I were to define them in the most basic sense, it would be to start planning and setting goals for myself instead of just randomly wandering. I can’t complain about life so far, but with a little focus I suspect I could greatly improve!
    Alex recently posted..Happy New Year – My plans for 2013

  2. How are you saving up such large amounts of money for these goals in such a short amount of time? 6 month emergency fund, new car fund,and house down payment are all very large goals. You make it sound so easy to save tens of thousands of dollars in a year……

  3. So I guess Dave isn’t willing to run the half marathon with you? Smart man! lol

    So it looks like you not getting the condo a few months back really worked out for you as far as saving 20% for a down payment.

    I definitely think that your blog should grow. You are a great writer and you have such good content. It sounds like you will be busy this year, so I hope you are able to put time into marketing it.
    Khaleef @ Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet recently posted..The Money Code Review – Plus We’re Giving Away $25 AND A Copy Of The Book!

    1. Yeah i might have to find someone else haha are you interested??? I’m not sure how else to market my blog other than try to co-sponsor some giveaways and enter blog carnivals. Any other suggestions?

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