Car trouble and $120 later

I’ve only been working for 2 months at the health department and have no vacation time accrued so I decided to work last Monday and rack up more comp time for my trip to Ireland. I stroll out the door around 8:15 in my cute work outfit and my tea I made using a French press I got for free. I start the car and…wait, nope…I did not start the car because it only made a click sound when I turned the key.

As any daughter would do, I call my car guru of a father and he gives me a list of options to try before I resort to AAA. None of them worked. Pops said to call AAA but it was likely that my starter bit the dust. Sure enough, AAA came and finally got the car going by hitting it with a crow bar while I turned the key. The AAA guy told me the starter was bad and if I turned the car off it probably wouldn’t turn on again. Now that I think about it, I could have gone to work and had AAA come back and start it from there, but I decided not to go to work. I went back inside, put my pajamas back on, wrote a few posts and got a lot of cleaning done around the apartment.

We haven’t had unexpected car problems before, but this made me realize how thankful I am to live 40 minutes from my parents and that my dad is a superstar when it comes to cars. For fun, he buys cars with the engine stuffed in the trunk, turns it into a gem, and sells it. Being the selfless, patient dad he is, he told me to have AAA jump the car again when Dave got off work and drive home so he could fix it. The new starter cost $120. I could whine about being out $120, but I’m sure it would cost more for added labor if I went to an auto shop. I should mention that part of our budget is set aside for car repairs. This was an unexpected and unwanted event, but I’m glad our budget wasn’t caught off guard! We also had a delicious spaghetti dinner with my parents and my mom sent us home with a big bowl of chili which was enough for two dinners and two days of packed lunches. I also did a load of laundry! What auto shop would charge you for no labor, offer free laundry service, and give you a plethora of food for free? Praise God for loving parents 🙂

What’s your experience with car trouble? How much did it end up costing you?