Blog Roll #2

I’ve picked up about 12 days a month until August at the hospital, so between working as a contingent dietitian there and part time for the health department, I’m definitely getting busier! While this is awesome and will put us ahead for our 2012 goals, I’ve found myself writing an article the night before it’s posted. I don’t want to get into that habit and let my focus shift from writing because I love doing it to writing because I feel like I need to post 4 times a week. Since I like promoting other blogs I follow, you might see a couple of these blogrolls each month to give me a break while still sharing great content with you…so without further ado…

The Big Bag o’ Frozen Chicken by See Debt Run
Chicken is always in our freezer for the same reasons. Our local grocery store has fresh, local chicken for $1.39 per pound on Saturdays, so I usually buy a few pounds and freeze them until needed.

7 Steps to Get Rich Every Time by Life and My Finances
I can also thank Dave Ramsey for getting me on the road to financial freedom. It’s so simple and practical, it just takes some discipline.

Vote for Nora by Simple Organized Living
I hope Andrea wins this; Nora is just so stinkin’ cute!!!
How We Decorate on a Budget by Newlyweds on a Budget
Someday when we move out of our snug one-bedroom apartment, I’ll need these deal-finding skills. I guess it might actually be a good thing that my mom loves the challenge of finding great deals on Craigslist…even if she isn’t planning on buying anything.

Have you read any great articles this week?