Easter Happenings

I didn’t think we were doing anything with family for Easter weekend, so I set an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out on Good Friday. Bad choice. I then found out that my sister from Nashville was going to be in town. Thankfully, I only had my top wisdom teeth, so I was eating real food for dinner that evening and only took an ibuprofen once. I did wear my stylish ice pack throughout the day out of fear I’d swell up like a chipmunk. It turned out to be an awesome, relaxing weekend and the weather was beautiful!
We took our dogs for a long walk with my sisters.
My mom had my favorite ice cream waiting for me in the freezer
We detailed our car and shampooed it
We also cooked some juicy hamburgers on the grill, made sun tea, watched the movie Jack & Jill, and spent a few hours on Pinterest looking up ideas for my sister’s wedding in Nashville next fall!
What did you do this weekend?