FREE 4-week workout schedule

I made a 4-week workout schedule for myself to stay active between the most sedentary time of the year: Thanksgiving and Christmas. I figured that other people could benefit from it so I shared the wealth/health by making it available to those who wanted it. My 4 weeks started […] Continue Reading…

Christmas gift ideas

If you’re stuck trying to think of gift ideas for family or friends, let me share some of my favorite things! I’ll share the exact product I have and tell you a few reasons why I love it.

FYI– I used affiliate links which means Amazon tips me if you go […] Continue Reading…

What We Ate: November 2014

I started a new tradition at Budget for Health by sharing recipes I made and loved. This is only my 2nd month of sharing (See what we ate in October!) but it’s a fun post to write. It’s also a form of accountability because I want to lead by […] Continue Reading…

How to reduce inflammation

This topic is from of a series of questions I received from speaking at a friend’s MOPS group. Be sure to check out my responses to the other nutrition topics:
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How to reduce inflammation
This will be a short post on […] Continue Reading…