Budget Review: January – March 2015

You guys (a Michigander’s version of y’all), this has been a good quarter.

Budget Review: January – March 2015 (actual spending)

What happened this quarter?

I got my grocery spending under control
We stayed under budget in groceries, gas, and entertainment! While we have a set budget, these are the 3 categories that […] Continue Reading…

What We Ate: March 2015 (did I mention we love food?)

Another month of good eats! Let’s jump right in to another round of what we ate!

Homemade pizza & crust
I use this recipe or my mom’s recipe for pizza crust. We found a random variety of ingredients in the fridge that worked for toppings: spinach, kalamata olives, chicken sausage, banana […] Continue Reading…

Meal prep tips that make my life easier

My sister recently requested some tips to help make meal planning and meal prep easier. Her days at work are jam-packed and she wanted tips that would help her plan ahead so that her meals and snacks are balanced (read more on what eating balanced means). We talked about […] Continue Reading…

What we ate: February 2015

I started a new tradition at Budget for Health by sharing recipes I made and loved. This is my 4th month of sharing (See what we ate in January) and it’s been a fun post to write. It’s also a form of accountability because I want to lead by example when […] Continue Reading…